For this globetrotting European couple, our aim was to create a West Coast contemporary home on the water that served as a calming retreat for the owners, and would also comfortably host family of all ages. One of the main challenges was to create intimate spaces that belied the scale of the 8,000-square-foot home. In public areas we used rugs, furniture and art inspired by their years spent in Europe and Hong Kong to make spaces feel more personal, and in private areas, like the master bedroom, we upholstered walls and installed heavy drapery to balance the expansive glazing and architectural concrete. The overall palette is neutral to create calm: custom fabrics and materials are quietly patterned and sumptuous, with luxurious details that add a layer of refinement to the softness.

The lighting plan was extensive, as it was critical to how the home would be used and experienced by its owners. We designed it for all times of the day and night, for every activity, and the result is multi-layered and flexible, with feature decorative lighting that adds delight to soaring spaces and further defines rooms within rooms. Equal parts elegant and welcoming, these are spaces that are easily lived in and that pop with moments from the homeowner’s stunning collection of specifically selected art pieces.