West Point Grey

Our plan for this new residence was to create an heirloom family home to suit long-time clients in both the present and in their evolving future. The design process was highly inclusive of the family: their needs and desires formed every room. All interior construction and details were treated as “non-details”; that is, required infrastructure, devices and even lighting were concealed or integrated to blend seamlessly into the design to create their much-desired sense of calm. We selected a palette of forgiving materials that are easy to live with and used them throughout for both continuity and visual simplicity.

Chief among the family’s requests was a desire to celebrate the extraordinary views in all the home’s principal rooms. To do this, we maximized windows and their placement, taking full advantage of exterior vistas. Collaborating with landscape architect Paul Sangha, we opened up areas to extend living spaces with collapsible glazed doors, creating stunning open-air rooms framed with an infinity water feature.

Highly open-plan living can make it more difficult for various activities to take place at the same time, so we created spaces on each floor that allow for play, reading, entertainment and the like without intruding on other family members. This was our second project for a client  who is also a dear friend, and we were thrilled to fully articulate their vision: the home has a casual elegance rooted in their admiration of mid-century design and its authentic values, and yet every aspect of the interior was rigorously detailed, from the quarter-inch reveals to the trimless fixtures.