Wall Centre

Sometimes the right space can inspire a new life, as this client discovered. This 2,200-square-foot residence was originally planned as a pied-a-terre in Vancouver for a couple from Calgary. We began by taking the two-bedroom and two-bath apartment back to the drywall and concrete to provide new finishes to all surfaces. Our goal was to create a unified suite, with a consistent flow from one room to the other, the elements of one space relating to the next. Because it is a pied-a-terre, we wanted it to feel instantly accessible and welcoming.

The co-ordinated design was created with custom furniture and rugs. Local art, including work by Jack Shadbolt, anchor the home in its location.

The suite felt so much a home and reflective of the client that they decided to relocate to Vancouver from Calgary, so now their pied-a-terre is their principal residence.