Stump Lake

Originally from South Africa, these clients envisioned this new property—16 acres in Merritt, B.C. for them and their horses—to be a reflection of the site’s natural landscape. The house has a green roof, so from the outside, it looks as if it’s part of its surroundings. Inside, the 8,000 square feet of living space sprawls out to incorporate its surroundings through extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Working with the architect, we were able to plan the residence and design all the internal elements. To create a home that felt harmonious with its surroundings, we worked with locally sourced, natural materials, such as wood, slate and stack stone. We created a true cook’s kitchen, allowing the client the space and place to enjoy her love of food, and extended the cooking opportunities to the outside, with an outdoor kitchen and barbecue. Even the swimming pool we designed is visually integrated and feels part of the land, for a home with a true sense of place.