Silver Sea

This three-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot waterfront condo needed to blend contemporary style with the functionality of a family-friendly home. The client is an art dealer with a toddler, so it was critical that the new design reflect her modernist tastes as well as be flexible enough to grow as her child grows. One of our objectives for this full-scale renovation was to give a greater sense of space to the rooms, so we redesigned the original conventional master bath/bedroom layout for a more open feel. Now, only the shower and toilet are more private, separated by a sliding glass panel. A custom white-lacquer vanity and a marble countertop add lightness and an effortless elegance to the bathroom.

Outside, this waterfront home’s decks are clad in wood. Inside, the rooms are modern, with a calmness and a flow that is inviting and inspiring. The overall design is feminine, relaxed and light throughout, with a welcoming feel that is a true reflection of the client.