Russell Hollingsworth designed this 10,000-square-foot, architecturally significant home on the West Vancouver waterfront. The architect is known for his intelligent details and use of space, and our interiors needed to reflect and complement the already dramatic property.

We began by designing spaces that were reflective of the architecture, adding softness and comfort in furnishings that are understated and both visually and tactilely luxurious. Original built-in pieces were reinvented to be more commodious and to better echo the gracious architecture. Many of the new custom furniture pieces explore luxe materiality that is revealedĀ at close proximity.

Layers and textures echo the defining stonework of this property while the muted tones allow the eye to be drawn to the stunning views. The calm, soothing lines and a multi-layered approach create a unified feel throughout this refined home that plays with, instead of against, the iconic West Coast architecture.