Private Jet

A previous client—a frequent business traveller—was purchasing a private jet and wanted to ensure that the interior reflected a level of soothing sophistication and comfort. Working closely with the jet’s manufacturer, Bombardier, we were able to design every detail of the interior to create the calming environment he desired. We began with the shell of the jet and, from that, created a space that had a private club–like feel.

Every element of the design was hand-selected, down to the perfect-weight rocks glasses and elegant dishware. To soothe throughout flights, we chose generously sized reclining seats and benches upholstered in Italian calfskin, swathed the walls with embossed patterned suede and covered the floors in handmade carpets. This tailored-to-the-client private jet presents a calm, relaxing atmosphere, contributing to a more serene business or pleasure travel experience.