The gut renovation of this two-bedroom, three-bathroom penthouse property in South Granville was an opportunity to completely rethink the entire suite and tailor it to how the clients wanted to live.

The two-storey suite covers 2,500 square feet of the top two floors of the building, so we first opened up walls and redesigned the stairway. The custom stairway leads up to a reworked balcony; both the stair and walls defining it are clad in walnut panelling.

The master bath was completely redesigned to facilitate the clients’ wish list, efficiently, in a very limited space. The clients favoured a masculine aesthetic, so we worked within that palette and layered in rich black walnut, polished steel and white marble. Storage was another necessity, so we created custom elements—bar stools that tuck away and a kitchen lined with wraparound millwork—that are functional while contributing to the warmth, flow and welcoming feel of the home.