Coal Harbour

Working with the client for the first time, we were given a blank canvas to create a new environment and a new perspective on his 5,000-square-foot penthouse overlooking Coal Harbour.

To reflect the client’s Scandinavian heritage, we created a classic, pared-down and warm minimalist design. We used natural materials, such as limestone for the fireplace and walnut flooring throughout, to create an inviting, masculine home that is calming, soothing and well balanced.

The residence can accommodate entertaining large groups or smaller affairs, through design features such as the twin dining tables, which can be used together or separately. Furniture is also used to play with scale and create intimacy without partitioning off space.

The client is a discerning art collector, so we incorporated wall space to feature a collection that is so important to him and so reflective of his contemporary taste. The majority of the furniture is custom made, as befits a property of this scope and quality—a residence with a more personal perspective on living.